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Black is chic and it has always been the classic by excellence.
By taking those cliches I wanted to share with my french readers the special atmosphere here, in New York, which is surrounding me.

First of all I would thanks my models Andre, Larry and Brittney for this moment in SoHo.
Then I would also thanks those who appear here by chance.
Giving a little of your time means so much to me, now when I'll look back and see these pictures it will remind me why I love NY so much.
I'm trying to get that to my french readers, the several reasons of my relationship with the Big city and you are obviously a part of that.
Everyone, here in NY, is a part of the charm of the city and its melting pot

Photography takes all of its sense thanks to you.
I feel so inspired and glad after each encounters and every pictures taken.
I love immortalizing faces and expressions, that's the power of this art.

Keep being natural and keep spreading your state of mind by your style.


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Roxane Renard a dit…

J'aime beaucoup ta serie de photo sur cet article !

J'ai envie de faire le tour du monde pour photographier et dessiner la vie ailleurs que chez moi ;)