HELLO 2016!

Je nous souhaite une année de plus toujours ensemble.

Quelle soit remplie de découvertes, d'envies, d’émerveillement et d'amour.
Que cette nouvelle année soit parsemée de bonheurs par milliers, de challenges personnels et professionnels.

Je vous souhaite autant de bonheur que j'ai pu vous souhaiter pour 2015.

Mais surtout beaucoup d'amour pour vaincre les drames, 
beaucoup de rires pour effacer les pleures et beaucoup de rêves pour chasser la tristesse.

Que cette année soit meilleure pour nous tous.

Deal? deal.


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Happy new hopes, happy new thrilling adventures, new projects and more happiness.
I wish you everything new to start this new lovely year whitout forget what we learned from the last years.

Learn about our pains, about our good and bad moments, learn also from our event dramas. 
I hope this year will be nicer to us, to my country and to the world.
We have all suffered about terrible events, we have been touched, we cried.
I deeply pray for better things in 2016.
No more dramas.

So I wish you all the light we need to help you and to forgive.

Do whatever you want to make you and don't worry about the day after.
Be only worried about the person you love and loved you.
Be worry about you and do you're best to improve the person you are but be anyone else, trust yourself.
Give at the most of your help and your time to the persons in need.

Enjoy your year to the fullest .

I don't have plan any resolutions because I don't like it.
So that all my wishes for the year and the year after.

-Being amazed by small things, see the details in everything.
-Trying to by organise. That's a HUGE world for me. Organize my days and my hobbies. -----Clear my desk as much as I can and do more to-do notes.
-Do things when I can and no later when I want.
-Keep seeing the good in the worst
-Travel as much as I can 
-Cuddle my sweet baby niece as the most as possible
-Get tattoued for the 3rd time
-Explore the woman inside me by always keeping my teens mind

See you, see you soon. 

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